What is a union?

The New Jersey Education Association was founded in 1853 by a group of educators with a desire to improve public education and elevate the teaching profession. Today, NJEA has more than 200,000 members in 1,000 local associations in 600 districts statewide.

The members of the Morris Union Jointure Commission organized a union in April 2008 to formalize the terms and conditions under which we work.  Without an official contract, we were in a precarious position because our salary, benefits, and work schedule could have been altered without our consent at any time. 

We care about our students and we want to encourage the best teachers and therapists to work in our district.  To attract and retain quality staff, we need a quality contract that adequately compensates employees for their work. 

In addition, we want access to professional development that will help us do our jobs even better.

UnityAbout the unity symbol

We are proud to wear the unity symbol as a sign of our professionalism and commitment to education.

The arrow represents the forward movement of education.

The Pi symbol represents the ancient Greek word for education.  Together, the arrow and the pi symbol link the legacy of the past with the future.

The spherical triangle represents the profession’s three-fold purpose:  to promote the cause of education, to advance the interests of the profession, and to serve members at all levels – local, county, state, and national.